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Redband Trailer

Put your kiddies to bed before watching the Redband trailer for Deadpool. It’s dirty, violent and definitely a little twisted.

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  • Still frame from Deadpool - 2 Girls 1 Punch
    2 Girls 1 Punch

    A super meta trailer for a super meta super hero flick, there are more trailers out for Deadpool than there are total X-Men films.

  • Still frame from Deadpool - Rootin’ For Deadpool
    Rootin’ For Deadpool

    Deadpool celebrates Australia day in this unusual and irreverent trailer. The fact he wears a fishing hat and talks in a terrible accent proves he’s a marketing whore.

  • Still frame from Deadpool - Blatant Bachelor Baiting TV Spot (w/ 2% real roses)
    Blatant Bachelor Baiting TV Spot (w/ 2% real roses)

    Is there any marketing angle sacred in the shameless promoting of Marvel’s Deadpool? Apparently not in this trailer/tv spot, whatever it is.

  • Deadpool  Official Trailer 2
    Official Trailer #2

    Plenty of violence and a twisted sense of humor fills this official trailer for the first superhero flick of 2016!

  • Still frame from Deadpool - Redband Trailer 2
    Redband Trailer 2

    Not every super hero gets TWO Redband trailers, but Deadpool does. And on Christmas day to boot! Honestly, who says “to boot” anymore?

  • Still frame from Deadpool - #12DaysOfDeadpool Trailer
    #12DaysOfDeadpool Trailer

    On the 12th day of Christmas my Deadpool gave to me, another trailer of course! This one is promoting the 12daysofdeadpool marketing campaign, which totally worked!

  • Deadpool Official Trailer 1
    Official Trailer for the Trailer

    Deadpool is so cool that it has a trailer for a trailer, featuring the man himself trying, unsuccessfully, to smoke a pipe.

  • Still frame from Deadpool - Official Trailer # 1
    Official Trailer # 1

    Officially the first official trailer for Deadpool, hopefully. There’s so many dang trailers on Youtube I dunno which is which anymore.

Marvel’s Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is not your ordinary superhero. He’s a little crazy, bitingly funny, strangely revolting and has the ability to heal at an accelerated rate. What’s not to love? This is R Rated super-heroism at it’s best!

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