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Official Trailer # 2

The trailer for Arrival shows “objects” from the sky and landing all over the world, and a scared linguist who’s determined to find out the visitors real intentions.

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  • Still frame from Arrival - Official Trailer # 1
    Official Trailer # 1

    The first trailer for Arrival shows the army asking a linguist to help them communicate with aliens, and her trying to decipher their messages before a global war breaks out.

  • Still frame from Arrival - Official Teaser Trailer
    Official Teaser Trailer

    The teaser trailer for Arrival shows a country getting ready to be attacked by aliens, and a massive pod-like space craft.


An expert linguist (Amy Adams) is recruited by an elite military team to investigate whether mysterious spacecrafts have come in peace or are a threat. With the alien crafts landing all over the globe, mankind teeters on the verge of war as everyone searches for answers.


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