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Suicide Squad

A gang of extremely violent, incarcerated, death-row supervillians are hired by the the government to carry out secret black ops missions in exchange for pardened prison sentences.

6 Suicide Squad Trailers
  • Suicide Squad - Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix

    The Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix trailer is like an extended music video with new and old footage combined over songs from the film’s soundtrack.

  • "Puppet Masters" Trailer

    This short trailer for Suicide Squad shows the power of Amanda Waller and her legendary ability to control the “squad.”

  • TV Spot

    The tv spot for Suicide Squad continues it’s love affair with a classic Queen song over shots of the Joker being his usual nutbag self.

  • Official Blitz Trailer

    The newest trailer for Suicide Squad is just all out, balls to the wall madness and action with a little better look at Jared Leto’s take on the Joker.

  • Official Trailer

    Packed with laughs, violence and a hailstorm of bullets, the official trailer for David Ayers Suicide Squad has too many actors to even name, but it looks like one helluva good time. Bohemian Rhadspody never sounded better!

  • Comic-Con First Look

    The slightly extended first look Comic-con exclusive trailer is a hodge podge of Hollywood’s hottest actors, new and old. Leto’s Joker looks pretty menacing, but is it better than Ledger’s? We’ll see.

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Articles About Suicide Squad

  • Box Office Results: August 5 – 7, 2016

    In a complete surprise to absolutely nobody, Suicide Squad ruled the box office for a record-breaking opening weekend. What other films scored big this weekend at the movies?

  • DC Fans Start Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

    Died hard DC fans believe the popular and influential review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes is unfairly harsh towards films in the DC Extended Universe.

  • Official “Suicide Squad” Comic-Con 2016 Soundtrack

    Some more Suicide Squad goodness has just been released for the Comic-Con 2016 fans. This time it’s a treat for your ears (and eyes) in the form of a spankin’ new remix to promote the soundtrack.

  • San Diego Comic Con 2015
    The Best Comic-Con 2015 Movie Trailers

    Comic-Con isn’t just about comics and cosplay babes, it’s also a go-to place for movie studios to show exclusive new trailers. Here’s our recap of the best and most-hyped trailers from Comic-Con 2015.

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