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Snowden tells the true story of an American computer professional (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who publicly leaked classified information from the NSA. Based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena.

3 Snowden Trailers
  • Official Trailer #2 / Comic-Con Trailer

    The Comic-Con trailer for Snowden shows a young soldier turning into an international criminal when he uses a Rubix cube to smuggle information out of the CIA.

  • Official Trailer

    The first full official trailer for Snowden shows JGL playing a genius and talking in the deeper vocal tonality of real-life hero he’s portraying.

  • Official Teaser Trailer

    The teaser for Snowden shows us practically nothing with just a few shots of the American flag and some statistics about Edward Snowden.

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