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Kong Skull Island movie poster

Kong: Skull Island

A scientific expedition of discovery to the uncharted Skull Island becomes an explosive war between monster and man when a titanic force of nature is accidentally awakened.

2 Kong: Skull Island Trailers
  • International Trailer

    The international trailer for Kong: Skull Island has a Japanese voice over with a few glimpses of the titular Kong, mainly his giant hand swatting a helicopter from the sky.

  • Official Trailer # 1

    The trailer for Kong: Skull Island shows a weary crew of travelers on an island of ancient culture, and a the shadowy outline of the giant ape.

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  • Still frame from Kong: Skull Island - Official Trailer # 1
    First “Kong: Skull Island” Trailer Released at Comic-Con 2016

    The first trailer for Kong: Skull Island has just been unleashed at Comic-Con 2016, courtesy of studio Warner Bros.

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