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doctor strange movie poster

Doctor Strange

A brilliant surgeon’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) arrogance and excessive vanity has destroyed his career. But when a sorcerer (Tilda Swinton) takes him under his wing to train him with special powers, he becomes Doctor Strange, a defender of the world from evil.

3 Doctor Strange Trailers
  • TV Spot

    The TV Spot for Doctor Strange shows him before and after he turned into the mythical doctor as cities are turned inside out by magical beings.

  • Official Trailer # 2

    The trailer for Doctor Strange is mind-blowingly amazing with more about the Doctor’s back story and incredible effects of cities turning upside down.

  • Official Teaser Trailer

    The trailer for Doctor Strange hints at the origin of the character with some amazing special effects and acting from Mr. Cumberbatch.

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Articles About Doctor Strange

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  • Marvel Unveils Two Posters & Official Teaser Trailer for Doctor Strange

    It’s been a busy two days in the world of Dr. Strange, with Marvel unveiling not one but two teaser posters, and a new teaser trailer on Kimmel Live.

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