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  • filth-city-movie-poster
    Filth City
    • [NR]

    • Dec 31, 2016

    Inspired by the life of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Mayor Tom Hogg’s (Pat Thornton) run for re-election hits a snag when he gets caught on video smoking crack, and does whatever it takes to keep it out of the wrong hands.

  • Trespass-Against-Us-movie-poster
    Trespass Against Us
    • [R]

    • Nov 26, 2016

    Tired with the constant clashes with police and trying to find a better life for his family, Chad Culter (Michael Fassbender) wants out of his criminal family business. But it proves difficult to get out from under the thumb of his powerful father (Brendan Gleeson).

  • King-Cobra-movie-poster
    King Cobra
    • [R]

    • Oct 21, 2016

    An 18-year-old (Garrett Clayton) quickly rises to fame in the adult film industry with the help of a producer (Christian Slater) who runs his empire from his ordinary suburban home. But when the star wants to be a free agent, rival producers (James Franco, Keegan Allen) resort to dangerous measures to claim him.

  • Jack Reacher Never Go Back movie poster
    Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
    • [NR]

    • Oct 21, 2016

    When Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) returns to the headquarters of his old unit, he finds out he’s been accused of a homicide that occurred sixteen years ago.

  • i-t-movie-poster
    • [NR]

    • Sep 23, 2016

    Mike Ryan’s (Pierce Brosnan) company is about to change the face of flight leasing forever. But when his relationship with his IT advisor (James Frecheville) turns sour, his family becomes victims of attacks through every technological facet of their lives.

  • Dog_Eat_Dog-movie-poster
    Dog Eat Dog
    • [R]

    • Sep 16, 2016

    Three ex-cons (Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Matthew Cook) struggle with adapting themselves back into civilian life, but still plan to pull off one more hit, even with the California three strikes law looming over them. They pull off the perfect crime, only to constantly find the law on their tail.

  • solace movie poster
    • [R]

    • Sep 2, 2016

    A psychic doctor (Anthony Hopkins) works with an FBI friend (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to help him solve several murders committed by a serial killer (Colin Farrell). The problem is that the killer is also psychic, and far ahead of him.

  • Mechanic-Resurrection-movie-poster
    Mechanic: Resurrection
    • [R]

    • Aug 26, 2016

    A master assassin (Jason Statham) in forced out of retirement when his most formidable foe (Tommy Lee Jones) kidnaps the love of his life (Jessica Alba). To save her he must travel the globe to complete three seemingly impossible assassinations, and make them look like accidents.

  • comingsoon-movie-poster18
    Blood in the Water
    • [NR]

    • Aug 26, 2016

    Young couple Percy (Willa Holland) and Veronica (Alex Russell) are near the end of a housesitting job at a palatial modern spread in the Hollywood Hills for the summer. But their tranquility is ruined by a surprise visit from a former college classmate (Miguel Gomez) who has become a career criminal.

  • imperium-movie-poster
    • [R]

    • Aug 19, 2016

    A young, idealistic, up-and-coming FBI analyst (Daniel Radcliffe) goes undercover in the dangerous underworld of white supremacy to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group. He finds himself confronted with the challenge of sticking to a new identity, while maintaining his real principles.

  • hell or high water movie poster
    Hell or High Water
    • [R]

    • Aug 12, 2016

    To save their family’s West Texas farm from foreclosure, a divorced dad (Chris Pine) and his ex-con brother (Ben Foster) go on a bank robbing spree while a determined West Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) is hot on their trail.

  • the infiltrator movie poster
    The Infiltrator
    • [NR]

    • Jul 15, 2016

    Based on the autobiography of the same name, a federal customs and excise agent (Bryan Cranston) uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Using the alias, “Bob Musella” he helps bust Pablo Escobar’s money-laundering organization.


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