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  • The-Wild-Life-movie-poster
    The Wild Life
    • [PG]

    • Sep 9, 2016

    Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, and his quirky animal friends lives in paradise are disturbed after a violent storm washes a strange creature onto their beach: Robinson Crusoe. They slowly learn to live together in harmony, until their comfortable life is overturned by two savage cats.

  • kubo-and-the-two-strings-movie-poster
    Kubo and the Two Strings
    • [PG]

    • Aug 19, 2016

    A kindhearted boy (Art Parkinson) disrupts his relatively quiet seaside town when he accidentally summons a spirit from his past to enforce an age-old vendetta. With help from a magical instrument, he sets to save his family and solve the mystery of his fallen father.

  • sausage party movie poster
    Sausage Party
    • [R]

    • Aug 12, 2016

    All the food at the grocery store’s only purpose in life is to be “chosen” by customers and brought home. Until Frank the sausage (Seth Rogen) learns the terrible truth and leads his fellow produce friends on a quest to discover the reason behind their existence.

  • bilal-movie-poster
    Bilal: A New Breed of Hero
    • [NR]

    • Aug 8, 2016

    Inspired by true events, a thousand years ago, Bilal (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) and his sister are abducted and taken to a far away land. In a world where greed and injustice rule all, he finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change.

  • ice age collision course movie poster
    Ice Age: Collision Course
    • [G]

    • Jul 22, 2016

    While pursuing the elusive acorn, Scrat accidentally catapults himself into the universe and sets off a series of cosmic events that threaten the Ice Age World. Sid (John Leguizamo), Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), and their friends are forced to leave their home and embark on a quest full of adventure and comedy.

  • Secret-Lives-Of-Pets-movie-Poster
    The Secret Life of Pets
    • [PG]

    • Jul 8, 2016

    Max’s (Louis C.K.) life as a favorite pet is threatened when his owners new sloppy mongrel named Duke (Eric Stonestreet). But when a bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart) builds an army of abandoned pets to take revenge on all happy-owned pets, they have to put their quarrels behind to work together.

  • batman-the-killing-joke-movie-poster
    Batman: The Killing Joke
    • [R]

    • Jul 1, 2016

    Adapted from the 1988 graphic novel of the same name, Batman (Kevin Conroy) hunts down the Joker (Mark Hamill) after he escapes from Arkham Asylum. To prove a diabolical point, the Clown Prince of Crime goes after the Gordon family mirroring his own fall into madness.

  • finding dory movie poster
    Finding Dory
    • [G]

    • Jun 17, 2016

    In the long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, the forgetful Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) suddenly remembers she has a family somewhere in the vast ocean. She re-teams with her friends Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and Marlin (Albert Brooks) on a search for answers about her past.

  • ratchet-and-clank-movie-poster
    Ratchet and Clank
    • [PG]

    • Apr 26, 2016

    Two unlikely heroes, Ratchet and Clank, try to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in their Galaxy. They discover a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, and join forces with The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy.

  • zootopia-movie-poster
    • [PG]

    • Mar 4, 2016

    In a city where animals walk and talk, an over zealous, rookie, bunny cop (Ginnifer Goodwin) joins the force only to find rabbits get the boring jobs. But when an otter goes missing she teams up with a con artist fox (Jason Bateman) to crack the case and prove herself to her peers.

  • kung-fu-panda-3-movie-poster
    Kung-Fu Panda 3
    • [PG]

    • Jan 29, 2016

    After reuniting with his long-lost father (Bryan Cranston), Po (Jack Black) travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters. Now he must transition from student to teacher and train a group of clumsy pandas to take on the supernatural warrior, Kai (J.K. Simmons).

  • anomalisa-movie-poster
    • [R]

    • Jan 21, 2016

    Michael Stone (David Thewlis), a depressed author fed up with his mundane life, goes on a business trip and meets an extraordinary stranger named Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Lisa’s positive outlook changes Michael and gives him new hope that he can change his life for the better.


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