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2016 Academy Awards

The best of the best is decided in the biggest film event of the year.

Action Classics

Classic action flicks from the 80's and 90's that get your blood boiling and adrenaline pumped!

Best Abe Vigoda Movies

Abe Vigoda was an interesting man with an even more interesting film career.

Best Harold Ramis Movies

Harold Ramis drinks awesome sauce for breakfast, and his movies are great too.

Best of the 80s

The 80's was an awesome decade for movies, with too many memorable classics to count, but we try đŸ™‚

Boy That Spielberg's Something Else

Steven Spielberg pretty much owned the 80's and early 90's, and he's stilling going strong.

Classic Soundtracks

Sometimes movie soundtracks are as good as, or even better, than the films. Here's the best of.

Comedy Classics

Laughing your butt off to these films never get's old, even if some of them are older than you!

Crime Classics

Daring heists, bank robberies, creepy ski-masks; this is what classic crime films are all about.

Horror Classics

If it still terrifies you no matter how many times you've seen it; it's a horror classic.

July 4th Blockbusters

The biggest money making weekend of the year for big studio films, and sometimes they make good ones!

On The "QT"

Quentin Tarantino has left an indelible legacy in film making, and he's only made eight films, so far.

Sci-Fi Classics

Getting lost in space, attacked by aliens, dueling laser swords; this is the best of science-fiction.

The Movies Of Prince

Legendary musical artist Prince made music for forty years, and yet his acting career was quite brief.

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