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First “Kong: Skull Island” Trailer Released at Comic-Con 2016

The first trailer for Kong: Skull Island has just been unleashed at Comic-Con 2016, courtesy of studio Warner Bros.


A BIG film coming out in the first quarter of 2017 is Kong: Skull Island, and a trailer has finally been released at Comic-Con 2016. Check it out:

The trailer for Kong: Skull Island shows a weary crew of travelers on an island of ancient culture, and a the shadowy outline of the giant ape.

It opens with a military crew preparing and arriving at the titular island. There’s shots of camaraderie between the soldiers as we get to see the lovely Brie Larson with her camera, that she apparently never puts down.

A group helicopters fly over the island giving us some quick aerial shots before WHAM! A TREE comes out of nowhere and takes down one of the choppers! With the chopper down the team comes to their rescue. Then we hear the voice of a pissed off Samuel L. Jackson asking John Goodman‘s character what’s up with this island, before we see him asking it with a gun pointed.

We get several shots more shots of the island over the voice of Goodman explaining how ancient species have owned the earth long before mankind came around. Then more action shots and military men arming weapons then firing them off mixed with some very quick cuts of Kong himself.

It ends with a little inspirational speech from Sam Jackson before a final shot of the massive head of Kong rising above two soldiers who appear to be in the middle of a knife fight.

Whew! I’m getting exhausted from all these awesome new trailers.

Kong: Skull Island flattens theaters everywhere on March 10, 2017.


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