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T.J. Miller

  • ready-player-one movie poster
    Ready Player One
    • [NR]

    • Mar 30, 2018

    Wade escapes his daily life by playing the MMO ‘The Oasis’. When the game’s billionaire founder dies, he offers his entire fortune as a hidden prize within the game, and years later Wade finds himself facing opponents who will go to any lengths to win.

  • comingsoon-movie-poster13
    • [NR]

    • Aug 11, 2017

    Plot unknown.

  • office-christmas-party-movie-poster
    Office Christmas Party
    • [NR]

    • Dec 9, 2016

    The branch manager of a struggling bank throws an epic Christmas party hoping to land a big client and save his branch from being shut down by his uptight CEO sister. But the party gets way out of hand…

  • search-party-movie-poster
    Search Party
    • [R]

    • May 13, 2016

    After a misunderstanding ruins his wedding, Nardo (Thomas Middleditch) follows his “wife” to Mexico but gets carjacked and left stranded, naked and penniless. His friends Jason (T.J. Miller) and Evan (Adam Pally) have to come save him, and in the process experience a myriad of strange people and circumstances.

  • Deadpool Movie Poster
    • [R]

    • Feb 12, 2016

    Marvel’s Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is not your ordinary superhero. He’s a little crazy, bitingly funny, strangely revolting and has the ability to heal at an accelerated rate. What’s not to love? This is R Rated super-heroism at it’s best!

  • Transformers-Age-of-Extinction-movie-poster
    Transformers: Age of Extinction
    • [PG-13]

    • Jun 24, 2014

    After the city leveling battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, humanity thinks all alien robots are a threat and are hunted by a special unit. A robotics expert ( Mark Wahlberg) discovers the old truck he bought is Optimus Prime, and they escape a hunter searching for Optimus.


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