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Sam Neill

  • Hunt-for-the-Wilderpeople-movie-poster
    Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    • [PG-13]

    • Mar 31, 2016

    A defiant young city kid (Julian Dennison) who gets moved around between foster parents finds himself lost in the wild New Zealand bush with his cantankerous new foster uncle (Sam Neill). A national manhunt ensues, and the two are forced to put aside their differences and work together.

  • Jurassic-Park-3-movie-poster
    Jurassic Park 3
    • [PG-13]

    • Jul 18, 2001

    Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) is persuaded by a wealthy couple (William H. Macy, Téa Leoni) to conduct an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, the second site for a failed Jurassic Park experiment. But a tragic accident maroons the party of seven, and they must escape with their lives.

  • jurassic-park-movie-poster
    Jurassic Park
    • [PG-13]

    • Jun 11, 1993

    Two paleontologists (Sam Neill, Laura Dern) are selected for a private tour of an island theme park populated by dinosaurs born from prehistoric DNA. But when the ferocious predators break free and go on the hunt, it’s man versus beast in a race to save lives.


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