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James Marsden

  • d-train-movie-poster
    The D Train
    • [R]

    • May 8, 2015

    The uncool head of a high school reunion committee (Jack Black) travels to LA to convince the most popular guy (James Marsden) from his high school to show up to their reunion. But he didn’t plan on his home, career, and entire life being turned upside down.

  • Welcome-to-Me-movie-poster
    Welcome to Me
    • [R]

    • May 1, 2015

    Alice (Kristen Wiig), a woman with borderline personality disorder, wins 83 million dollars in the lottery and travels to LA to convince two struggling TV producers (Wes Bentley, James Marsden) to produce her own talk show. She’s going to do it no matter what, but is the world ready for Alice?

  • The-Loft-movie-poster
    The Loft
    • [PG-13]

    • Jan 30, 2015

    Five men (Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts) enjoy sharing a penthouse in the city to carry out their extramarital affairs, until the dead body of a woman turns up. Friendships get tested as paranoia sets in as each suspects other thinking that her killer must be someone in their group.

  • Superman Returns One Sheet 1
    Superman Returns
    • [PG-13]

    • Jun 23, 2006

    A spiritual homage to the first two films, Superman (Brandon Routh) returns to Earth after searching for the remains of his destroyed planet of Krypton. Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) plots to render him powerless after take a piece of Kryptonite from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

  • p159376_p_v8_aa
    X-Men: The Last Stand
    • [PG-13]

    • May 26, 2006

    A cure for mutation has been found, causing a rift between some members of the X-Men who consider taking it to live a normal life. Meanwhile the war for humanity continues to wage on between Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen).

  • x2-movie-poster
    X2: X-Men United
    • [PG-13]

    • May 2, 2003

    The X-Men are back and facing a new threat from former Army commander Stryker (Brian Cox), who attacks Professor X’s (Patrick Stewart) mutant school for the gifted. Magneto (Ian McKellen) proposes a partnership with the X-Men to combat this new enemy that they both have in common.


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